Handlheld Artillery Fire Control Computer


A few words about our solution


The most challenging task for moder artillery fire control systems is precision solution for indirect fire. Traditional solutions rely on firing tables that are compiled from field tests at standard conditions and do not provide full control over the ballistics. Although simple to implement they fulfill a limited number of artillery tasks and therefore should nowadays serve only as backup solutions. An alternative to firing table solution is a direct simulation of projectile trajectory, as a motion of rigid body in dissipative air medium. However, direct simulation of a projectile trajectory is a significantly more difficult computational task ans its computational cost grows with distance. The advantage of the direct simulation is that it gives full information about trajectory. Modern computers can easily perform such calculations at a much lower cost. In particular, direct simulations can be done on inexpensive mobile devices in the time less than actual flight time required for the projectile to reach the target.


Arpos is a micro-controller device which has no file system and no operating system. Custom-designed software helps to reduce the power consumption and extend battery life. The case and the hardware components are extremely resistant to unfavorable external conditions.
A powerful software allows one to make a complete simulation of spinning projectile trajectories as well as non-spinning ones for distances up 40 kilometers in time much less than the projectile flight time. The accompanying geodesic solution uses the geometry of an ellipsoid surface to better describe the Earth curvature and gives the computational errors for bearing less than mechanical shift of gun guidance drives. Arpos computes the horizontal leveling for tanks which eliminates the necessity of leveling procedure and allows tanks (and SPG) to fire with high accuracy even from angled locations.


To widen the spectrum of possible ballistic tasks Turingismus company has developed a library of ballistic functions, BALLS (BALListic Simulator). This library is based on a proprietary 6 degrees of freedom model of motion of a rigid projectile developed by Turingismus, an atmospheric model and geodesic solutions. In the Turingismus approach a computer or handheld device simulates the motion of a projectile for field conditions maximally close to the current ones. However, the BALLS library is written in C-programming language and does not serve as standalone product, but rather as a library that is linked together with other products. Arpos is a joint product of two companies: Infozahyst Company and Turingismus. Each company has implemented its best solutions in this product. As a result of joint effort, Arpos has evolved into a unique artillery control system with simple user-friendly interface. Time needed to learn the functions and start using the Arpos device is estimates to be within a few hours.

Comparative measures

Arpos 1

Basic configuration

  • 20 sec instead of 50 sec

  • 50 sec instead of 10 m 10 sec

  • 0.1 sec instead of 14m 45 sec

  • 14 meters instead of 22 meters

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